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Horse Riding Lessons Offers Corfu island


Horse Riding Lessons Corfu offers.

At corfu horse riding club, every day is a different day for us. We enjoy every day to spend many hours taking care of our horses, training, feed, rides around our village. Taking care of the horses at the same time itai not easy at all, but the most important thing of the day is, this life the horse riding life, it’s what we choose, is what we love to do, it is why we borned to do. I remember always myself since the day 1 always next to or on a horse, riding free. Corfuhorseriding.com club at Pelekas Corfu, created not only as a business, but it’s our everyday life, created not to make money from horses, but to love them, taking care of them and created to share this life with our friends family and customers. When you choose a horse at Corfu Horse Riding to ride, there is a love story behind for every one of them. When you choose Corfu horse riding club for yout holidays you should know that apart the horse riding lessons and tours, we are here to make friends, to share our love for the horses with you.

Get the best riding horse lessons and tours at Corfu

Corfu horseback riding the Corfu Horse Riding Club offers amazing horse riding lessons for newbies or advanced riders. In Our horse riding lessons at Corfu island Pelekas village, every day from 9 in the morning until 8 in the night we will guide you, how to approach a horse, how to handle a horse, how and what to feed a horse and we will give you the opportunity to be around our horses and show them your love <3 . Corfu horse riding club expertises in kids horse riding too. You are able to bring your kids in our stable to meet our horses, and start to make horse riding lessons with experienced horse riders. We have dedicated horse riding lessons for small kids in offers.

Contact us for horse riding lessons and tours at Corfu island

If you are Corfu visitor and you want to live the experience of horse riding and you want to start lessons or you would like to have a horse riding tour, then you are in the right place. Register now and contact us to book your next horse riding adventure in our beautiful island now!


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  • Hey me and my brother are looking for a horse riding tour or nice ride, we’re in Corfu for 3days please get back to me with your availability for tomorrow or day after 🙂

    • Hi Emily, Thanks for sending us message! Unfortunately we are fully booked for this season, also I was pregnant, and now I have a small baby to take care! We will be available again for lessons next summer 2020! Thanks!

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