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The Corfu island

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Corfuvilla.org created to fill the gap between hosts and guests. The Corfu villa team offers some of the best houses to rent in Corfu island, for summer or the winter period. Rent a house in Corfu, especially the summer is quite hard, as the prices in this period are quite high and the demand is big. The Corfu villa team is a free personalized for every guest service, that will find you the best house to rent in Corfu island easily.

CorfuVilla.org vision is to advertise Corfu island all over the world and make the island one of the first and best destinations around the world. Already Corfu, in Europe, is a well-known destination, our team working closely with the local authorities to promote the island all over the world, and that’s why we created this network, the Corfuvilla.org project is not only about renting villas or houses in Corfu island, but it’s about the Corfiot culture, the people, the development of the island and created to advertise and promote the best businesses of Corfu island. Every post you will find in the directory of the CorfuVilla.org website, you can vote for that, and write your own review and experience with everything around Corfu island.

In our network, you will find only the best businesses around Corfu island,  the best things to do on the island and take offers that you can’t find anywhere else.

Visit  CorfuVilla.org website and meet the team, meet the people behind the scenes and send us any request. The team working 24 hours building new projects for the Corfu island and every day you will find new things to read and to do in our beautiful island. If you are interested to enter in our network, you have to contact us, our team will make a review and help you to fill the application to enter in the CorfuVilla.org project. Our network created to self-advertize the best businesses in Corfu island, that they know to do their job, and they do it well. That’s why, beeing into our network you have to promise that you keep your business, friendly, “clean”, and you will do the best to taking care every day of your customers.

The Corfuvilla.org project created a Network that will advertise the best businesses of Corfu island that meet our goals. You can send us a message and find out more.

Our vision is a big network with all the Corfu island entrepreneurs – businesses that meet the standards. Think our project like open source network that everyone contributes to make the life of the Corfiot and the Corfu islands visitors and tourists better.  We vision our network to be an example for all the new entrepreneurs of Corfu and how a business can offer more to their customers.

Corfu island is a great & beautiful island!

Our island, the Corfu island in Greece, is a beautiful island, Corfu is the diamond of the Ionian Sea, with a great culture. Be a part of the community of Corfu is a must, for every citizen, and every visitor and everyone in the world must meet and see its beauties.

Visit our website now, contact us, express your feelings about Corfu, become a part of us now!

Visit www.corfuvilla.org