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Corfu Horse Riding Club

Sharing the farm with families, horse and animal lovers

Welcome to our
Horses Club by Anthie

Located on a beautifully landscaped 6 acres, outside of Corfu town, Corfu Horse Riding Club Anthie provides a safe learning environment for all animal and nature lovers. Whether you are coming for a Horse Riding lesson, or just a farm class learn and feel how we are taking care of our horses, feed them, and play with them, we are committed to providing quality education while stimulating and nurturing a love of Horses and curiosity for nature.

11.30 am - 2 pm

Program / Activities

  • Horse Riding Adults
    21.50 / Person
    A full Horse Riding Experience for Adults.

    This ride is adaptable and safe, and is ridden at a walk, with time to stop for photos and grass treats for the horses. Around 1 hour of riding with pre-ride lesson.

    30.00 / Person
    Enjoyable any time of the year.

    This trail ride is a scenic cruise through the the rolling meadows and gentle wooded hillsides. No steep drops or difficult hill climbs. Perfect for all ages and experience levels, and those looking to slow down, relax, and enjoy some horse time. Approx. 1 hour of riding time

    40 / Person

    This is the best ride for you if you are looking for a  special, unique, personalized riding experience. This is a PRIVATE, just for couples, or your family, type of experience.

7.30 am - 10.30 pm

Weekends Program

    99 / Person
    The Ultimate Horse Riding Experience

    This ride goes into the wooded hillsides and searches for rocks, caves, and waterfalls. We will ride into seldom seen forests and explore nature's secret places. This is not a beginners ride due to the extreme hillsides and creek crossings, and may not be available after heavy rains. This ride lasts about 1-1/2 hours, and is a beautiful winters day outing, or a unique adventure anytime of the year.

Our Farm and more

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Book a Horse

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